Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ryan - Christmas was a joyous time for all as we visited family up north and spent time with family closer to home. Even though I had the flu for most of it, it was still fun and very nice to see everyone. The family spent New Years with Tiff's side, as Nic & Brit and co. came up from Arizona while I rang in 2015 working at the hotel.  Dixie basketball is going well. Our pre-season is now officially over and we begin our region play this week against our rival Pine View, which happens to be undefeated and the #1 team in 3A. So it should be a lot of fun. We're looking forward to another eventful year, filled with school accomplishments, home remodeling projects, family trips, kids playing sports, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Tiff being in Young Women, and more cousins arriving!

Tiffani - What a fun holiday season. Wow was it busy. Not only was it busy but the whole crew was sick at some point. It made its way through everyone. We were so blessed to be able to go see our family up north, we didn't get to visit many friends or anyone else because of the flu we took with us but were so glad that we could spend time with our Forsey family. We had SO much fun. To make things even better we got to extend our holiday and come home to see my family and even Brit, Nic and the kids made it up for a week. It was so nice to be able to see everyone. As an added adventure to our life we added a little dog to our crew, we took in a little chihuahua named Bella. For anyone who knows me at all that probably was quite the shock. She even likes me and I am starting to like her. It is going to be interesting. I really hope that we can keep updating this and that it gives our family and friends a chance to keep up with what we are doing, because I felt really bad when a couple of people mentioned that we don't keep them updated on what is going on with us. I am just not very good at it. So this should help. We love our family and friends so much. Heres to a great new year with love and blessings from our Heavenly father!

Carson - So this week our cousins, Charli, Preslee, Ellie, and Kale came up from Arizona, and we had so much fun! First, we went to go see Big Hero 6 for the second time because our cousins wanted to see it, and that was so funny! The next day I got to see the Hobbit The battle of the five armies and I thought that was cool. Finally before they went home, we got to go to House of Jump. House of Jump is a place full of trampolines and other fun stuff. But everything else with me is just fine, I am almost 12 and I am about to receive the Aaronic priesthood so it is going to be awesome! Also our basketball season for Think Swish is about to start in a week or two. So that's the latest update on me.

Tyson - This week our cousins came up and we had so much fun! Also we went to house of jump which is a trampoline place we had fun there too. And Christmas day we went skiing with Grandma and Karyn and I had so much fun. Thank you everyone in the Forsey family even uncle Steve. I already miss my cousins and I hope I can see them again. For Christmas my favorite present was a motor scooter and hover ball and a new basketball.

Jackson - This little man can't type but I thought it would be fun to share some of the weird things he does. So recently he has had an obsession with roller coasters. I can almost guarantee that he has no idea what that is but he talks about them all the time. Every night after I put him to bed he says. "Tomorrow I gonna ride a roller coaster." Ok Jack, good night.

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